Is CyberConfirm Right for You?

There are two choices available to any company that serves as a government or military contractor, sub-contractor, vendor or supplier when it comes to its network security documentation:

– the company can hire an outside expert to confirm then document compliance to NIST 800-171; or

– the company can handle the compliance and documentation in-house.

It’s easy to determine which option is less expensive. But without some deep knowledge and guidance, the in-house option might be unworkable.

That’s where CyberConfirm™ comes in.

Yes, some technical understanding is required to accurately complete the documentation software.

Yes, some confirmations and adjustments to the company’s network may be required.

But if you manage the day-to-day operations of your corporate network and understand basic cybersecurity and the system settings involved, completing the required NIST compliance documentation is quite manageable.

And support from CyberConfirm™ is just an email away…

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The standard version of CyberConfirm™ is licensed for a single end-user of the documentation software. For software licensed for a consultant or managed service provider on behalf of multiple clients, see the CyberConsultant PRO Package >