How CyberConfirm Works

The creators of CyberConfirm™ have made documenting NIST 800-171 compliance as easy as possible.

The document pages for each NIST Requirement are contained in a separate PDF file. Each file must be opened using the free Adobe Reader or commercial Acrobat DC Pro. A total of 14 Requirement PDFs, a Cover/Index/Attestation PDF, and a Start-Here.txt overview file are contained within a .zip file that is downloadable immediately after the completion of purchase.

CyberConfirm Overview

Each PDF file consists of an initial overview discussing the important points of that particular Requirement, followed by a questionnaire with instructions and definitions to help the user complete the documentation for that Requirement.

The user reads through the information, moving page-to-page via BACK and NEXT buttons. Once the questionnaire begins, each screen is limited to a single question on a highly-specific topic. Insights are provided above the question, along with definitions for any technical terms that might be presented.

CyberConfirm Questionnaire

The user clicks a radio button to answer YES or NO to that question, then moves on to the next question.

At the end of each Requirement’s questionnaire, a page with a sizable text box allows the user to add specific notes to the SSP and POA&M regarding any special steps or controls that have been implemented to the network related to that particular topic.

Once all of the questions are completed, the user clicks a link on the final questionnaire page to review the resulting compliance documentation:

CyberConfirm SSP - POA&M pages

If the document pages appear as the user expects, a click of the PRINT button will output the pages generated for that Requirement.

Once all 14 Requirements are completed and printed, a cover page (with your company name and logo), an index page, and an attestation page (to be signed by the CTO and CEO) are created from the 15th PDF provided in the .zip. Then all of the printed sections are collated and compiled into a finished report, ready for inspection whenever requested.

FUTURE-PROOFED: the NIST 800-171 requirements will roll into Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) some time in 2020. Fully aware that change is constant, CyberConfirm software is built future-proofed: no time or effort is ever wasted! Export out the answers from any previously-completed 171 documentation using Acrobat. Import that data into the newly updated CMMC documents. Then edit any answers where your system settings have changed, answer the new questions for CMMC, save and print. CyberConfirm will be updated for CMMC Levels 1-5 with guidance that meets the auditing standards of the DoD. With easy-to-implement ongoing updates, CyberConfirm is NIST-compliant today and CMMC-compliant in the future. CMMC Rollout Update >

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The standard version of CyberConfirm™ is licensed for a single end-user of the documentation software. For software licensed for a consultant or managed service provider on behalf of multiple clients, see the CyberConsultant PRO Package >